Who Are We

Politically Wasted is a website created for you. Whether you describe yourself as being interested in politics or not, left-wing or right-wing, knowledgable or clueless, cool or not cool, you are definitely politically wasted. Here at politically wasted our articles seek to inform you, educate you, and even make you laugh. We wholeheartedly reject this concept that politics is boring. It can be, but not here!

When I say ‘we’ I mean the websites three founding fathers, who accordingly came up with the idea for Politically Wasted whilst getting wasted and talking politics at the pub, yes we are very much wasted off politics! We love it so much we even study it.

Still in the early days of our development we do not yet have an official office but if you would like to get in touch you could either come find us playing football in Fabian’s garden or down at the pub, it is in these locations where the ideas flow, so they are our offices for now. Equally you can send us an email with any questions you may have using the address below:


Ben Piper is the Co-Founder and Editor -in- Chief

Fabian Deasy is the Co-Founder and Cultural Editor

Joe Bulman is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor

Matilda Littler is the Marketing Executive and Editor