A beginner’s guide to the General Election 2017

“But didn’t we have one of these 2 years ago?” Why are we having another General Election? The prime minister (Theresa May) wants a strong mandate in parliament, going into what are likely to be fraught negotiations with Europe over Britain’s exit from the EU. Her Conservative party has a relatively slim majority in the House of Commons, won in 2015 under the previous leader … Continue reading A beginner’s guide to the General Election 2017

Why I hate Politics

As a £27,000-paying Student of Politics, you would hope I really loved the subject. But I don’t. I don’t want to whine about the reasons I resent this Government, this Prime Minister, this opposition, this voting system, Katie Hopkins. It’s too easy, and unprogressive. I would much rather pick out some positivity and discuss ways of moving forward. But I can’t. Whether you voted Leave … Continue reading Why I hate Politics

The Xenophobic Revolt!

The UN’s refugee chief this week has said that a worrying “climate of xenophobia” has taken hold in Europe. We are living through, arguably, the greatest rise of xenophobia since World War II. This rise coincides with the biggest influx of migrants in Europe since World War II. However, this is not just a European trend. South Africa has been accused of being xenophobic for … Continue reading The Xenophobic Revolt!