Trump not invited to Climate Change Summit

We all know that one guy we don’t want at our party but you have to invite otherwise all hell will break loose in your group and shit will hit the wall. Well, France has taken the bold move have not invited that ‘guy‘! France has decided not to invite the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to the party, or more accurately Climate … Continue reading Trump not invited to Climate Change Summit

Trump’s First 7 Days!

This time last week the world watched the end of former-President Obama’s tenure as the leader of the free world, and the inauguration of President Trump. The seven days that have followed have potentially been the most controversial first seven days of a Presidency seen in modern U.S. politics. Day 1! Trump’s Inauguration! So months of waiting and the day finally arrived for the millions … Continue reading Trump’s First 7 Days!

This is Your New Prime Minister!

A woman who once had three trafficking victims imprisoned  for immigration. A woman who has spent much of her political career opposing and blocking legislation which would have guaranteed equality and human rights for all. A woman who has committed so much effort into blocking climate change law, the big oil companies of America would be proud of her. A woman who once claimed Gordon Brown had … Continue reading This is Your New Prime Minister!