Is tax avoidance eating our democracy?

Those at the bottom of Britain’s profoundly unequal social class system are subjected to a relentless barrage of criticism and condemnation. It seems no accident that whilst shows such as Benefits Street, Skint, On Benefits and Proud, among others, have become vehicles through which righteous indignation can be legitimately expressed regarding how certain elements of the population live, especially when such lifestyles are supported by … Continue reading Is tax avoidance eating our democracy?

The UK is No Democracy!

My country that has changed. It has not change with a bang, but instead with a whimper! There was no great act of terror, no act of war, and no great debate. Instead it was the act of an unelected government. On Thursday, the Investigatory Powers Act was passed. The Act gives the UK intelligence services and police the most aggressive survailance powers in the Western World. It will document everything we do online and is better suited for a dictatorship than a democracy Continue reading The UK is No Democracy!