Russia’s Deadlines

As for the presidency, this is Putin’s final term (I invite you to read into what what you will), and as such, as soon as the votes have been cast and the results are in, scheming within the Kremlin will begin with regards to a successor. The elections themselves set out presidential term lengths, while the result provides a certificate of legitimacy. Continue reading Russia’s Deadlines


Russia Stokes Shutdown Fire

#SchumerShutdown threatened to take over Twitter in the wake of the current US government shutdown. However, a little digging into the accounts pushing the hashtag found that they were predominantly Russian bots. Once again entangling the Trump and the Grand Old Party with Russia. The hashtag regardless became a GOP and White House favourite as they attempt to push the blame of the shutdown onto … Continue reading Russia Stokes Shutdown Fire

The Five Elections to Watch in 2018

Another year, another chance to change the world, country by country. After 2017’s collection of close calls, upsets, coups and revolutions across this blue-green marble, Benny de Garis takes it upon himself to bring you the top five elections to watch, explain why they are important, and attempt a modest prediction on the outcomes. Continue reading The Five Elections to Watch in 2018

Why Do We Care That Parliament Staff Look at Porn?

On the 8th January, The Telegraph ran an article claiming “Parliament staff made 24,000 attempts to view online pornography in four months“. Equating to an attempt every 9 minutes over the last 2 months. You may remember that just before christmas Damian Green, the First Secretary of State and closest ally to Theresa May, was forced to resign after a scandal about the amount of porn was on his … Continue reading Why Do We Care That Parliament Staff Look at Porn?