Capitalism: The true enemy of racial equality

Reading the news every day has been difficult. The images of a man struggling for breath as a white police officer pins him down are not easy viewing for anyone. How many more times do we have to see this? Why does it have to happen in the first place? I don’t know the answer to the first question. In an ideal world I would … Continue reading Capitalism: The true enemy of racial equality

Why I am a loser, and how to stop it

I remember when Barack Obama got elected. I was 13 and didn’t consciously follow the news. Back then I would only ever catch glimpses of the news when my parents watched it each night at 10PM, and I’d easily find something more interesting to do. But I do remember Obama being elected as America’s first black president, and feeling very happy about it. It seemed … Continue reading Why I am a loser, and how to stop it

The untouchable Dominic Cummings

How many times have we seen this before? Anger, disgust, contempt. A carefully worded statement outlining why it’s not as bad as it’s being reported. In fact, the reports have been sexed up and exploited to create the ‘scandalous’ news story gripping the nation in such a way we have not seen during these turbulent political times. But the carefully worded statement creates even more … Continue reading The untouchable Dominic Cummings

The elephant in the room

Escaping the barraging beast of Brexit is one of many refreshing things about being in China. Either because it’s not happened yet, because it will happen at some point, or because it still isn’t clear what it means, no one in Britain seems happy with the state of Brexit. Chinese politics may be quite beastly itself, but here I don’t feel surrounded by the same … Continue reading The elephant in the room

Brexit: An avoidable Existential Problem

The widely respected Guy Verhofstadt, evidently frustrated by further Brexit failings and downfalls – caused and felt by the British – vented some of this frustration. Calling out the Conservative Party for dragging the whole of Britain down with thier self-interested party catfight. A catfight which the EU Brexit co-ordinator points out has created a dibilitating existentional problem for the rest of us. However surely, … Continue reading Brexit: An avoidable Existential Problem