Comrade Trump(?)

Приветствую Товарищи! Понимаю, вы пришли про товарища Трампа! Не смотрите дальше. Честь труда! (Greetings Comrades, I see you have come to read about Comrade Trump! Look no further. Honour in Labour!) Continue reading Comrade Trump(?)

Russia Stokes Shutdown Fire

#SchumerShutdown threatened to take over Twitter in the wake of the current US government shutdown. However, a little digging into the accounts pushing the hashtag found that they were predominantly Russian bots. Once again entangling the Trump and the Grand Old Party with Russia. The hashtag regardless became a GOP and White House favourite as they attempt to push the blame of the shutdown onto … Continue reading Russia Stokes Shutdown Fire

Making America 1974 Again!

Those of you knowledgeable of American Presidential history, or scandal, will recognise 1974 as one of the US’ most politically turbulent year, or it was until now. 42 years later Donald Trump has 42 years later Donald Trump has been elected US President, it has taken him five months to fire his FBI Director and find himself swamped in scandal. For Richard M. Nixon, the only US … Continue reading Making America 1974 Again!

Republican’s Acting Under The Cover of Darkness!

With President Trump taking all the headlines as he continues to find controversy in every action he takes, the Republican Congress has taken its opportunity to act upon the radically conservative plan they promised. With Republican control over both the House and the Senate, Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, and Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, have had things more or less to themselves. Republicans … Continue reading Republican’s Acting Under The Cover of Darkness!

The Secret Behind Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

On Friday, 27 January, President Trump signed into power his most controversial executive order of his short Presidency so far. This executive order would drastically restrict the immigration of civilians from several Muslim countries. These countries were Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. The order suspended all refugee admission for at least 120 days while barring all Syrian refugees indefinitely. Ignoring, for now, … Continue reading The Secret Behind Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’