Bernie in Brixton!

On the European leg of his book tour for ‘Our Revolution‘, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders stepped out on stage at the O2 Brixton Academy. With six days to go before the UK General Election, Sanders arrived in London greeted by an audience of 5,000 passionate admirers eager to hear what the great man had to say. With issues of social justice, inequality and the environment key to both … Continue reading Bernie in Brixton!

Membership for the Democratic Socialists of America triples after the 2016 Election

Although he may not have been successful in becoming the Democratic candidate to go against Donald Trump, it appears that Bernie Sanders’ legacy is only just beginning to come into fruition. If there is one thing that we can credit Sanders with it is the introduction of the concept of ‘democratic socialism’ to the mainstream political discourse in the US despite already being a well-established … Continue reading Membership for the Democratic Socialists of America triples after the 2016 Election

Why Obama is So Loved!

President Obama is leaving the Oval office as one of the most popular departing Presidents in history, behind only Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Raegan, and Bill Clinton. However, the love for Obama is as greater if not greater around the world. Below is a few of the moments that we think has made Obama the President we love. Obama sings Amazing Grace! On the 17th June … Continue reading Why Obama is So Loved!

Where Clinton Lost the Election!

On November 8, 2016, an estimated that 231,556,622 Americans were eligible to vote. However, only 136,884,643 of the Voting-Eligible Population (VEP) voted, at a turnout of 58.9%. With 94,671,979 [40.9%], of the VEP, becoming non-voters. Since 2012, the number of non-voters amongst the VEP has risen by 1,268,774 [1.4%]. Clinton’s downfall in November, was significantly due to the rise of non-voters in certain swing states which, per … Continue reading Where Clinton Lost the Election!