Russia Stokes Shutdown Fire

#SchumerShutdown threatened to take over Twitter in the wake of the current US government shutdown. However, a little digging into the accounts pushing the hashtag found that they were predominantly Russian bots. Once again entangling the Trump and the Grand Old Party with Russia. The hashtag regardless became a GOP and White House favourite as they attempt to push the blame of the shutdown onto … Continue reading Russia Stokes Shutdown Fire


Our Place Out The Sun

Power is not a lapdog that obediently sits and awaits orders – it is a retched, terrifying thing that needs constant reassurance and fuel for its fire. Power is not necessarily something the UK needs right now. The UK needs its “Wilderness Years”. Continue reading Our Place Out The Sun

A Hacker Explains How Russia Hacked Our Democracies

This is “Russian Hacking” explained by someone who knows how the Russians would do it. Continue reading A Hacker Explains How Russia Hacked Our Democracies


Trump’s Ideology

Let’s talk about The Donald. The latest US President (who knows which one) is not a new phenomenon — not really — but the end product of a people being told they can have everything they want, but in the same breath being told to exercise humility, restraint, and obedience. People in the US are being force-fed the American Dream rhetoric, but none of it … Continue reading Trump’s Ideology


Trump not invited to Climate Change Summit

We all know that one guy we don’t want at our party but you have to invite otherwise all hell will break loose in your group and shit will hit the wall. Well, France has taken the bold move have not invited that ‘guy‘! France has decided not to invite the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to the party, or more accurately Climate … Continue reading Trump not invited to Climate Change Summit