The UK is No Democracy!

My country that has changed. It has not change with a bang, but instead with a whimper! There was no great act of terror, no act of war, and no great debate. Instead it was the act of an unelected government. On Thursday, the Investigatory Powers Act was passed. The Act gives the UK intelligence services and police the most aggressive survailance powers in the Western World. It will document everything we do online and is better suited for a dictatorship than a democracy Continue reading The UK is No Democracy!

We will remember this era as “The Hill”.. it all goes down from here.

2016 to me is like a jager bomb. You’re having a really good time with your friends and you’ve got such great hopes for the night ahead.. but then you have a few to many and your left with a sick feeling in your stomach as it swallows you right up. I feel like I’ve been drunk the whole 2016 of anyway.. I mean how … Continue reading We will remember this era as “The Hill”.. it all goes down from here.

The Battle on Porn and Privacy

Despite the levels of ‘taboo’ surrounding any admission of watching porn, surveys have found that 86% of young adult men watch porn, and one in three women watch porn at least one a week. In fact in 2009 the University of Montreal attempted to conduct research into the views of men who do not watch porn, however the study failed due to not a single candidate … Continue reading The Battle on Porn and Privacy

Why I hate Politics

As a £27,000-paying Student of Politics, you would hope I really loved the subject. I could easily go into details about why I resent this government, this Prime Minister, this opposition, this voting system, and Katie Hopkins…but I don’t want to sound whiny and unprogressive. I’d much rather pick out some positivity and discuss ways of moving forward… The reason I hate politics is because … Continue reading Why I hate Politics