Brexit Shows the Worth of the House of Lords to UK Democracy!

“Frankly deranged!” The words of Conservative former attorney general, Dominic Grieve, as he attacked his own parties government of deliberately not guaranteeing MPs a vote on the outcome of the Brexit negotiation. On Monday evening the Brexit bill was presented to the House of Commons (HoC) ready for debate and vote. The bill had previously been debated in the House of Lords (HoL) with crucial amendments added. A series of … Continue reading Brexit Shows the Worth of the House of Lords to UK Democracy!

Nothing but Politics and Lies

Is it any wonder that after such a campaign, that the aftermath of the vote has been equally distasteful? It was a campaign full of the dark side of politics. A campaign founded on fear, unproven statistics, lies and highly distasteful xenophobic and racial attacks. It was a campaign which was meant to engage the population in a debate that would invigorate the millennial generation … Continue reading Nothing but Politics and Lies

EU Referendum LIVE!

Welcome to our live coverage of the EU referendum. Polls closed at 22:00 GMT and we will remain with you throughout the night keeping you up to date on the biggest vote in British history. 382/382 Declared Leave: 17,410,742 / Remain: 16,141,241 15:28 – EU parliament President has announced his intention to speed through the UK exit from the EU stating that uncertainty is the opposite of that we … Continue reading EU Referendum LIVE!

There’s more to the Brexit than numbers.

I’ve written many debates on the EU referendum, the pros and cons of trade agreements, what EU has done for us etc but one thing that’s really struck me in the past couple of months is the clear divide between the younger and older generation. Whilst I got on the 5a bus yesterday I was greeted by 10 international students at the back of the … Continue reading There’s more to the Brexit than numbers.