North Korea: Understanding the Pariah State

There’s no country on Earth quite like North Korea. In America and Europe, the reaction to the country, when there’s any reaction at all, is divided fairly equally between nervousness and mockery. It is a controversial force between the myth and reality of what life is really like inside North Korea. Most people would have difficulty naming any city in the country other than Pyongyang. … Continue reading North Korea: Understanding the Pariah State

Why Has the U.S. Just Invaded Syria?

Today President Trump ordered several hundred marines to be deployed into Syria. The heavily armed marines have been sent out with a mass of artillery guns. According to US officials, the marines are pre-positioning howitzers in order to support and assist local Syrian forces. Alongside the seven hundred US marines being sent to Syrian a further thousand troops are being prepared for deployment in Kuwait. … Continue reading Why Has the U.S. Just Invaded Syria?

The Xenophobic Revolt!

The UN’s refugee chief this week has said that a worrying “climate of xenophobia” has taken hold in Europe. We are living through, arguably, the greatest rise of xenophobia since World War II. This rise coincides with the biggest influx of migrants in Europe since World War II. However, this is not just a European trend. South Africa has been accused of being xenophobic for … Continue reading The Xenophobic Revolt!

A Brazilian Failure

The Brazilian dream has failed. It failed with the President Dilma Rousseff. From impeachment to the annulment and back to impeachment or a coup? What is happening to Brazil? It appears that something is rotten in Brazil. It may be the home for the upcoming Olympics of 2016, but the country is far from the embodiment of what the games represent. The honour, equality and … Continue reading A Brazilian Failure

Doing our bit to keep ISIS smiling

Since establishing a caliphate on the territories they controlled in June 2014, ISIS have successfully spread fear across the world and progressed in taking more land. The global community rightfully recognises their threat to the world, but wrongfully spends millions on weapons to tackle the problem – as if this is a solution. It can surely be accepted quite unanimously that come the caliphates second … Continue reading Doing our bit to keep ISIS smiling