The attacks Trump won’t talk about

There are roughly 32,000 gun deaths per year in the United States. 60% of these deaths are suicides, 3% are accidental death and the rest (37%) are classified as homicides. However, this figure used to be worse according to CNN, between 2001 and 2014, only 369 Americans were killed by terrorism at home or abroad, whilst a staggering 440,095 were killed by guns on American … Continue reading The attacks Trump won’t talk about

Why Did the Tories Lose the Election?

When Theresa May called for the election on April 18th, she was the most popular UK leader since the late 1970s. Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was at his most unpopular. At the time the Conservatives also held a 16.1 point lead over Corbyn’s Labour. Over the next few weeks leading up to the election, the media and many pundits told us to expect a … Continue reading Why Did the Tories Lose the Election?

Welcome to Disproportionate Representation!

With a turnout of 68.7%, over 32 million votes were cast. 13,667,213 of these votes went to the Conservatives, which led to a loss of 13 seats and the loss their once precious majority, leaving them with only 318 seats. Meanwhile, in second place, Labour with 12,874,985 votes and 262 seats, representing a 30 seats gain. For the Tories, each seat was worth approximately 42,978 votes, … Continue reading Welcome to Disproportionate Representation!

Please restore some optimism

First things first, well played to those of you who have been campaigning efficiently over the last month – actually engaging in curious discourse with your political opposites about why you think you’re right and they’re wrong when it comes to which party would form a better government. The majority have of course campaigned predominantly over social media and to people who already believe in what … Continue reading Please restore some optimism

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The birth of New Labour and demise of the Blairites

Two years ago, the Conservatives won by a majority. A year later, early 2016 and Tony Blair is beside himself. Baffled at the thought of Jeremy Corbyn. His confusion is to be expected, he had warned Labour that “if you’re heart is with Jeremy, get a transplant.” But since Blair left office, the world has been changing, one regime at a time, and he is … Continue reading The birth of New Labour and demise of the Blairites