Supporting your friend through sexual assault.

You’ve liked their Insta’s, seconds after being posted. You’ve held their hair back whilst juggling a slice of bread and a mug of water. You’ve told them sliders and socks are a no-go. All things considered, you’re a pretty awesome and supportive friend. You are there for them through thick and thin, with tools to get you both through whatever life throws at you. But … Continue reading Supporting your friend through sexual assault.

How to really “Take Back Control”

UK politics is a frightening subject at the moment. We have an unelected and unchallenged Prime Minister who earlier this week confirmed that she wouldn’t hesitate to kill 100,00 innocent people, an unelected cabinet of unpopular ministers to make her seem less terrifying (Boris is sure to make a fool of Britain on the world stage and Hunt will continue to piss off our Doctors), … Continue reading How to really “Take Back Control”

The Xenophobic Revolt!

The UN’s refugee chief this week has said that a worrying “climate of xenophobia” has taken hold in Europe. We are living through, arguably, the greatest rise of xenophobia since World War II. This rise coincides with the biggest influx of migrants in Europe since World War II. However, this is not just a European trend. South Africa has been accused of being xenophobic for … Continue reading The Xenophobic Revolt!