Just what is the Visegrád Group?

Links to both the East and the West were next to non-existent: the Group was formed after the Soviet Union relinquished its grip on Central Europe, ten days before the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, years before NATO membership, and well-over a decade before being admitted into the European Union.  Continue reading Just what is the Visegrád Group?

Communists Hold Balance of Power in Czech Government

After eight months of negotiations, the Czech Republic’s lower parliamentary house – the Chamber of Deputies – yesterday voted in favour of a new government. The Legislative Elections – which took place in October last year – left the Chamber of Deputies in its most fractious state in the history of Czech politics. Continue reading Communists Hold Balance of Power in Czech Government

Wikipedia Shuts Down

Wikipedia across Italy, Spain, Estonia, and Latvia were closed and inaccessible for the 4th July. Potential Wikipedia visitors were instead taken to a statement page which explained that due to the EU’s proposed Copyright Directive, the Wikipedia community has decided to shut the site a block access to all pages. The site is to remain shut before and during the vote on the Directive, on … Continue reading Wikipedia Shuts Down

The Beginning of the End for Merkel

Hacks, journalists, political vampires, and just plain writers may have only a few months remaining to use the collective Three M’s of European Politics. Not that May, Macron, and Merkel really hang out together, or agree on anything worth writing about… My warning to alliteration-addicted wordsmiths comes as the state elections in Bavaria hurtle ever closer. The main (read: nigh-only) party, the Christian Social Union … Continue reading The Beginning of the End for Merkel