Please restore some optimism

First things first, well played to those of you who have been campaigning efficiently over the last month – actually engaging in curious discourse with your political opposites about why you think you’re right and they’re wrong when it comes to which party would form a better government. The majority have of course campaigned predominantly over social media and to people who already believe in what … Continue reading Please restore some optimism

The American Dream: An ambiguous utopia that could well deliver President Trump.

I’m not predicting this election. Clinton should cruise it – but this is 2016 and things are getting pretty fucked up. The anti-establishment consensus is reaching max levels and the implications of it doing so are disastrous if the only alternative is the only alternative to Clinton. I still find it crazy that Trump could become president, but also crazy is what the American establishment … Continue reading The American Dream: An ambiguous utopia that could well deliver President Trump.

The hope below the terd

“You can’t polish this terd”. This is how Van Jones summarised this presidential election live on CNN following the third and final debate last week. And incredibly, it’s not a ridiculous a description. I must admit I still don’t really understand it given the options, but I have met a lot of people who really, really, don’t like Hillary. In a censored and simplistic summary … Continue reading The hope below the terd

Why I hate Politics

As a £27,000-paying Student of Politics, you would hope I really loved the subject. I could easily go into details about why I resent this government, this Prime Minister, this opposition, this voting system, and Katie Hopkins…but I don’t want to sound whiny and unprogressive. I’d much rather pick out some positivity and discuss ways of moving forward… The reason I hate politics is because … Continue reading Why I hate Politics