Comrade Trump(?)

Приветствую Товарищи! Понимаю, вы пришли про товарища Трампа! Не смотрите дальше. Честь труда! (Greetings Comrades, I see you have come to read about Comrade Trump! Look no further. Honour in Labour!) Continue reading Comrade Trump(?)

Viktor Orbán Increases His Majority

As a surprise to no one, Viktor Orbán wins the Hungarian General Election and secures his Fidesz party a third term in office, with himself at the helm of the most critical and outspoken member state of the European Union’s migration policy. Opinion polls had shown support for the government, putting the nationalist-conservative party between 50 and 55 percent – consistently – from the beginning … Continue reading Viktor Orbán Increases His Majority