The untouchable Dominic Cummings

How many times have we seen this before?

Anger, disgust, contempt. A carefully worded statement outlining why it’s not as bad as it’s being reported. In fact, the reports have been sexed up and exploited to create the ‘scandalous’ news story gripping the nation in such a way we have not seen during these turbulent political times.

But the carefully worded statement creates even more questions than it answers – perhaps there is more to it. The purpose of this unprecedented media appearance is to put to rest these horrific claims so we can move on. Did it work?

Of course, this is the story of Prince Andrew. His ‘well-intentioned’ televised interview was meant to put a nail in the coffin of his scandalous story. The aftermath, however, shows that even with the best intentions, such public interventions don’t often work well when you don’t want to look like a politician.

Prince Andrew was certain that his chosen style of interview would work to convince the perhaps undecided public that the allegations made against him were false – I will let you make your own mind up on what really happened because, as you are likely aware, his story is not the topic of this piece.

Alas, our supreme overlord Dominic Cummings has been disregarding his own lockdown regulations, designed to ‘save lives and protect the NHS’. Someone perceived as truly understanding the mood of this great nation has, it seems, seriously missed the point. It is interesting, for someone who holds such contempt for the ‘Westminster bubble’, that a scandalous ‘Westminster’ story of his own making should burst his bubble like this.

I have spent some time wondering how Mr. Cummings remains in his job at number 10; the more I think about it, the less I am surprised – Well, I would have to find it surprising in the first place, which I certainly don’t.

Let us look at this a little differently instead. Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister breaks important rules during a time of national crisis. Rule breaking is reported in the media. People are angry. Special Advisor is on the front page of every newspaper. Special Advisor has become the story.

As someone who has binge watched ‘The thick of it’ on several occasions, quite obviously the next step to this should be ‘Special Advisor apologises for breaking rules and resigns’. So, why hasn’t this, at the time of writing, happened yet? Does Chairman Dom fancy himself as a bit of a Malcolm Tucker, above the knife wielding debauchery of Westminster?


What is certain now, is that his position is safe. Too much has been done by the PM and cabinet to now say “well, actually you undermined the efforts of a whole country for your own selfish indulgence”. While it may look bad for Boris to support his right-hand man (or boss), it would be more damaging now to withdraw that support.

Perhaps Dom needs to accept his position within the ‘elite’, as much as it would seem to pain him. If he does see himself as a bit of a Tucker 2.0 (I’m willing to put money on that he has the box set), he needs to understand that he is the lynchpin of elitism. His mere presence suggests that the reins of power are interested in the event. The fact that he hasn’t resigned or been sacked suggests one clear conclusion – Mr. Cummings has much more power and control over our ‘Democratic’ institutions than we thought. Sure, the levels of his power have been satirised, but to see it in reality is much more worrying. Either that or he has the juiciest piece of gossip on Boris (considering what is already public knowledge, I shudder to think what it could be!).

One thing, amongst all of this, that doesn’t surprise is the attempts of our far-right ‘all immigrants are terrorist rapists that love abortion and benefits’ commentariat to suggest that we are JEALOUS of Dom and his hold on power. I mean, come on! That is one emotion I do NOT feel when I look into the eyes of Mr. Cummings. Anybody who does should consult a doctor immediately.

Aside from the Katie Hopkins brigade, it is rather warming to see the nation united on one specific matter. Remain or Leave, Tory or Labour, Liverpool F.C and every other football supporter in the country. They all look at this story in outright disgust.

I doubt that Dominic Cummings will ever read this, but if he does – People have died, loved ones didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to parents, partners, children. Millions have suffered because of this virus and sacrificed so much because of your governments advice. The least you could do is follow it. Perhaps you got one thing right, address the nation like a politician and maybe you will get away with it, unlike Andrew. But remember, even Malcolm Tucker fell from grace eventually.

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