Brexit: An avoidable Existential Problem

The widely respected Guy Verhofstadt, evidently frustrated by further Brexit failings and downfalls – caused and felt by the British – vented some of this frustration. Calling out the Conservative Party for dragging the whole of Britain down with thier self-interested party catfight. A catfight which the EU Brexit co-ordinator points out has created a dibilitating existentional problem for the rest of us.

However surely, this is not news to anyone by now. The Brexit process alone has been a disaster. This disaster has been highlighted in the House of Commons over recent weeks by the copious bad ideas, idiotic statements, and brainless amendments. Yet, not all ideas, statements and proposed amendments has been so foolish, the party politics has been. With well-thought through proposals by endeavouring politicians have fallen on deaf or niave ears.

All this begs the question, what will it take for us as a country to address the real-world and acknowledge the Brexit is just a truly, truly awful idea. We have had two years since the vote in possibly the most ill-informed referendum of all time. Maybe a second referendum is the correct way of solving this issue. Maybe we should have a referendum run properly with the government running both campaigns in an impartial manner. Offering three options in a preference system. Remain, Leave with May’s deal, or Leave with No deal.

While this is an option I would gleefully take. It is not the ideal. A referendum still leaves the potential for misinformation and lies. For me, it would be best for our leaders to tell us the truth. A truth backed by experts in various fields, that Brexit is a load of …….

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