Trump not invited to Climate Change Summit

We all know that one guy we don’t want at our party but you have to invite otherwise all hell will break loose in your group and shit will hit the wall.

Well, France has taken the bold move have not invited that ‘guy‘!

France has decided not to invite the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to the party, or more accurately Climate Change Summit. French President Emmanuel Macron sent out an invitation to 50 world leaders to discuss the huge issue of climate change. Including Theresa May, so take that America we’ll take Megan Markle and go to the party without you.

President Macron told Time magazine in November, that Trump would be sent an invitation if he stopped being such a prick. Basically, Trump had to accept climate change was real, “join the club” and actually address climate change.

However, Trump, who earlier this year pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, continues to exhibit his incredible ignorance. Despite half his own country at some point this year either being battered by hurricanes and being flooded to record levels or literally catching fire, Trump will still not engage in the debate to fight climate change.

This only begs the question: when will Trump address the flat earth question?

Away from Trump, thankfully, Macron’s climate change summit will focus around financing the global transition away from fossil fuels and to adapt to the effects global warming is already having. You know like record global temperatures, more extreme weather (like hurricanes), and STARVING POLAR BEARS! Fair warning the image below may be disturbing to some!

The summit, officially named as the ‘One Planet Summit‘ will be held over the next two days. On the two-year anniversary of the historic Paris Climate Change Agreement.

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