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With a turnout of 68.7%, over 32 million votes were cast. 13,667,213 of these votes went to the Conservatives, which led to a loss of 13 seats and the loss their once precious majority, leaving them with only 318 seats. Meanwhile, in second place, Labour with 12,874,985 votes and 262 seats, representing a 30 seats gain.

For the Tories, each seat was worth approximately 42,978 votes, with each Labour seat worth about 49,141 votes. Meanwhile, the Green Party with 525,371 votes only managed to win 1 seat! This means that a vote for the Tories was roughly 12 times more powerful than a vote for the Greens, and a Labour vote was about 10 times more powerful.

Most shocking is that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), who now find themselves in power in Westminster, only managed to win 292,316 votes. However, these votes were the equivalent of 10 seats in Parliament. That’s only 29,231 votes for a seat. Making a vote for the DUP nearly 18 times more powerful than a vote for the Greens.

Now as a Green voter and lover of Democracy, this all infuriates and offends me massively. However, despite my immense dislike for UKIP, my sympathies do go out to their supporters. For they won 593,852 votes but did not manage to claim a single seat!

So while UKIP and the Greens voters are the most under-represented members of the electorate. Meanwhile, Scottish National Party (SNP) voters are the most over-represented of the electorate, marginally ahead of the DUP. With only 977,569 votes the SNP managed to claim 35 seats, worth 27,930 votes each.

In this election, the average seat was worth 49,533 votes. On this average, the Conservatives would have only won 275 seats, with Labour at 259. In third place would have been the Lib Dems with 47 seats, compared to only 12 in reality. SNP would have won only 19 seats. UKIP would have come fifth with 11 seats, just beating out the Greens with 10 seats. Followed by the DUP with 5 seats, Sinn Fein with 4 seats and Plaid Cymru at 3 seats. Completing Parliament with 1 seat each would have been the Social Democratic & Labour Party, the Ulster Unionist Party and the Alliance Party.

The final outcome of this more proportionate parliament would have been a Progressive Alliance formed coalition. Instead, the UK government formed of the Conservative Party and the DUP only represents 43.36% of the electorate.

If you want to help make a difference to how our electoral system works then head over to the Electoral Reform Society.

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