Progressive Alliance: The UK’s Best Hope

In an election, which from day one looked like a Tory landslide inevitability, many people have spent the last month or so desperately hoping to stop the Tories. Hoping to stop the rise of a one-party nation. Hoping to stop an ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor. Hoping to stop the growing use of food banks.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.56.12Despite a Labour surge in the polls, leaving them only three points behind the Tories in the polls. It still appears that a Progressive Alliance of two or more parties is the best solution to the Tory problem. Whether it’s a Labour/Lib Dem/Green coalition, or if the SNP are involved, the goal for many will have been achieved and the Tories out of government. At the last election, the total Tory vote was surpassed by the total of those who voted for Progressive parties. Therefore, the dream of a progressive government is a realistic hope for June 9th. The only problem being progressives are spread amongst a number of parties, while the nation’s Conservatives all pull for the one party, excluding a few UKIP supporters.

But what can you do to keep the Tories out of government?Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.39.07

Well head over to the Progressive Alliance site, type in your postcode and they’ll tell you
who to vote for. For example residents of Kingston and Surbiton, you reside in a must win seat for the Progressive Alliance. At the last election, the Tories won by only 2,834 votes, with the Lib Dems coming second and Labour third. So imagine if Labour and the Lib Dems voters teamed up and for the greater good voted Lib Dem, as the Progressive Alliance recommends. Instead of a Tory win, the Lib Dems would find themselves with an 8,000 vote margin of victory!

The Progressive Alliance is working to ‘reset politics’ and bring people together to help create a progressive government which will work for the people. The UK has put up with a broken electoral system for decades now. It is an electoral system which has created government’s disproportionate to the electorate, and creating a Britain enveloped in crisis and on the brink of disaster. It’s time for the British people to use the system to get what they want. It’s time to ‘Vote Smart’.

Visit Progressive Alliance and ‘reset politics’.

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