If May is So Confident of Victory, Why Won’t She Debate Corbyn?

Thersa May took to Facebook Live for ITV’s first Facebook Live event. The event was meant to allow political leaders to answer questions sent in by Facebook users.

However, midway through the event Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn took his chance to ambush the Prime Minister. Corbyn directly challenged May to a live TV debate, something the PM has been denying ever since the election was announced.

Hi Theresa May, as Prime Minister you have served your elite friends by giving them tax cuts while wages have stagnated, house-building is at its lowest since the 1920s, there are 20,000 fewer police on our streets since 2010 and the NHS is in crisis. Do you not think the British people deserve to see us debate, live and on TV?


Ms May, however, dismissed Corbyn’s question, claiming it would be more important in the coming weeks before polling day to take questions directly from voters. Something she has made reasonable effort to avoid since the announcement.

Most notably, when a speech from the PM in Scotland was booked as a child’s party making it near impossible for voters to find and ask the PM questions.

So, why won’t she accept the invitation to debate the Labour Leader on live TV?

Britain Elects, ‘Poll of Polls‘, gives May a 17 point lead over their nearest rivals Labour. It is also widely believed that the Conservative Party has never been so confident of an election victory.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 22.07.53
Britain Elects ‘Poll of Polls’


So what does she have to lose? How bad at debating is she? How bad does she think her own policies are?

Or, maybe she fears a fate similar to David Cameron in 2010. Many experts claim that the UK’s first ever coalition was the result UK’s first TV debates. Debates in which Tory leader David Cameron failed to live up to expectations and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg flourished, kicking off Cleggmania!

The end result of Ms May’s live event, a failure to respond to numerous questions, was evident in the Facebook reactions. As the stream came to a close roughly 10,000 users had responded with an angry emoji, with only 4,400 giving the Prime Minister a thumbs up.

So maybe she should accept the invitation, and show what “strong and stable leadership” looks like because at the moment it doesn’t appear to be showing to the people asking her questions!

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