Why Has the U.S. Just Invaded Syria?

Today President Trump ordered several hundred marines to be deployed into Syria. The heavily armed marines have been sent out with a mass of artillery guns. According to US officials, the marines are pre-positioning howitzers in order to support and assist local Syrian forces.

Alongside the seven hundred US marines being sent to Syrian a further thousand troops are being prepared for deployment in Kuwait.

All 1,700 troops have been given the objective of fighting back ISIS. The aim is to drive all opposing forces out of the self-declared ISIS headquarters and stronghold of the Northern city of Raqqa.

However, this may not be the only excuse President Trump has for authorising this invasion. This excuse may also be a suggestion as to why Syria has experienced such a drastic collapse and devastating civil war. In turn leading to the mass migration and refugee crisis now facing the world.

The excuse? As conspiracy theorists everywhere will rejoice in hearing … OIL!

Or to be more precise the oil-gas pipeline which originates from Qatar finishing in Turkey before linking to pipelines across Europe and the US. Between Qatar and Turkey the pipeline travels through Syria. To be more precise it travels within the immediate proximity of the Syrian city of Aleppo, as can be seen in the map below with the purple line.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 21.18.31.png

The Qatar-Turkey pipeline secures a healthy supply of oil to the western world. Most importantly the pipeline allows Europe and the US, especially the US, to become far less dependent on the old enemy Russia.

Thus Russian support, during the civil war, for the Assad regime would was against the Qatar-Turkey pipeline, opposed to the Western-backed rebels who were pro-pipeline.

However, the war is over and despite Assad remaining the pipeline is going forward, despite greater regulations. So now the US is turning its attention to the next threat to ‘democracy’, and of course the pipeline, ISIS.

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