Why Obama is So Loved!

President Obama is leaving the Oval office as one of the most popular departing Presidents in history, behind only Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Raegan, and Bill Clinton. However, the love for Obama is as greater if not greater around the world. Below is a few of the moments that we think has made Obama the President we love.

Obama sings Amazing Grace!

On the 17th June 2015, nine people were shot dead at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church, South Carolina, midway through a bible study group. Such was the hatred, anger, and the deliberate seeking out of African-American victims, behind the attack, that the nation fell into a state of horror, remorse, and sorrow.

So when Obama took to the stage at the eulogy for the Reverend Clementa Pinckney, one of the nine victims, it appeared the President could not restrain himself taken by the emotion of the event. 

Obama releases his birth video!

By 2011 the stories, doubts, and lies about Obama’s rightful heritage had become rampant. So when, future President-Elect, Donald Trump once again claimed that Obama was not American and was actually Kenyan, therefore should not be allowed to be President, Obama had clearly had enough. So Obama came up with the perfect response at the White House Correspondent’s dinner.

Obama cries!

On the 14th December 2012, America bore witness to possibly the most devastating acts of domestic terrorism, post WW2. Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut, was to play host to this horror. The attacker in just a few hours killed twenty-eight people.

Seven teachers. Twenty, 6 and 7-year old children killed.

In the face of such horror, America turned to its President for help, and Obama responded without gun control legislation. However, it was Congress who stopped the President from helping America. In response to Congress, Obama could not hold back the emotional torture millions of Americans were feeling.

Cause I won both of ’em!

In addition to having no shame in displaying his human side. Obama is also possibly the coolest President ever.

Now there are literally tons of examples as to just how cool the man is. Whether he is dancing, singing, or taking a selfie, Obama is awesome. But as this is Politically Wasted, we could not help but look at one of his best comebacks as President.

The Gentleman!

How about simply lasting 8 years in the White House with no sex scandal, no criminal investigations, and no threats of impeachments.

Obama has put the class, respect, and awe back into the Presidency. On the back of George W. Bush, one of the most embarrassing  Presidents, and Bill Clinton best known for his NSFW actions in the Oval office. Even in the face of one of the most uncooperative, deliberately obstructive, and rude Congresses since WW2. Obama has been the epitome of a gentleman President!


Honorable Mentions!

Obama has been so cool, and his Presidency full of so many great moments we don’t have time for them all. So here are a few more honorable mentions!

One thought on “Why Obama is So Loved!

  1. Yes, Hillary is a woman. Now Hillary can I offer you a chair. Please sit down and leave us alone. We are so tired of you. Please don’t run for any office.


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