Investigate 909: Is Alex Jones living a double life as an Acid House musician?

Alex Jones is widely known as America’s most famous conspiracy theorist and is usually found shouting about the first amendment to anyone willing to listen but there is now a new theory that suggests he is leading a double life as an electronic music producer. Based on his political views it is entirely possible that Jones may have done his fair share of ‘chemical exploration’ over the years and his opinions do sound like they are largely informed by after-party conversations with drugged up strangers but unlike many of his own theories there is actually  some substantial evidence to back this up.

Around a week ago, Jones uploaded a video to YouTube in which he talked about voter fraud that was supposedly carried out by the Hillary Clinton campaign, claimed that the Black Lives Matter movement is an elaborate puppet of the liberal financier George Soros, and speculated about Michael Moore overthrowing the government. While this is all just standard for Jones, what makes the video interesting, as Aux.TV points out, is that in the background are two Pioneer CDJs and a set of powered studio monitors.

At the opening of the video, there is an brief shot of a large mixer, a Roland TR-808 drum machine, and what seems to be a trio of TB-303 bass line synthesizers, the key instruments used to create the acid-house sound.

On top of this, Four years ago, the acid house producer and DJ A Guy Called Gerald uploaded a video of himself jamming on some old-school gear in his studio. The top comment on that video was left six months ago by none other than the official YouTube channel of… you guessed it, Alex Jones.


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