President Donald Trump – What could possibly go right?

So you’ve probably heard about this guy called Donald Trump and how the end of the world is upon us right? Well although Trump thus far has offended just about everybody under the sun and has the liberal press already decrying him as the worst president of all time, we have all seemed to forget one thing, politicians lie. Trump has proven over the course of the last year that he will say or do anything to gain popularity and, as we have seen recently, he appears to be defaulting on many of his stances. Now although I wholeheartedly disagree with the majority of his campaign messages, I also find myself doubting his views in the same way I doubted Hillary’s positioning of herself as ‘progressive’. After all, this is a man who has made a lot of money out of reality TV and it is this ability to manipulate the media that makes me question whether any of what he says is merely more than a carefully calculated set of key words and phrases. Now that Trump no longer has to win over voters, we are far more likely to see the true nature of where he stands and amongst all the doom and gloom, I’d like to entertain the possibility that perhaps we’re all too stupid to have realised and a Trump presidency may not be the apocalypse that many are predicting. Here are some of the key areas that will make or break Trump’s presidency.

  1. An actual dialogue between Russia and the United States: Now Vladimir Putin is by no means a benevolent figure and should him and Trump suddenly become best of buds then we should all be pretty worried. It does seem, however, that Trump and Putin are far more likely to come to some kind of agreement than Clinton. The problem is that this agreement could be anything from nuclear disarmament to a full on endorsement of Russian expansionism and although this isn’t great, it will at least be the most progress we have seen since the end of the Cold War where the west has been more or less useless at improving relations with Russia apart from cashing in on the oligarchs.
  1. A significant ‘toning down’ of rhetoric: As this video explains, the Donald is a man who knows how to play for different audiences and it is important to note how his most controversial statements came most frequently during the primaries. Now although this news spread around the world, Trump was only trying to win over solely republican voters at this point (hardly the most enlightened bunch). Now that he is no longer competing against anyone, his main aim is to unite all the divisions that he has created. If he is to be successful in this, it is possible that by dividing the country so drastically he has actually allowed these attitudes and opinions (held by an alarming number of Americans) a chance to be discussed in the public sphere. This is in contrast to the majority of ‘moderate’ republicans who abide by political correctness yet actively do nothing to support the causes they claim to care about.
  1. Increased focus on Mental Health in response to mass shootings: Trump has stated before that he believes that US is suffering from a “huge mental health problem”, whilst albeit defending the rights of gun owners. What it does suggest however is that he intends to focus on an issue that is so often neglected as it’s such a difficult one to tackle. He has also addressed the lack of funding in hospitals and with his recent default on Obamacare it appears that Trump is maybe more open to alternative healthcare options than was previously implied.

You never know, one day we could all be praising President Trump, the man who made America great again. We could all panic and starting rioting already or we can just accept the fact that he won and pray every night that the covert liberal conspiracy is true.

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