Some of the Best Things that Happened in 2016

I wrote an article shortly after America learnt of their new President, Trump. It was a fairly bitter article and I made some predictions of what’s next to come in 2016 and the mistakes and people we’ve lost during this year from Alan Rickman to Prince to the narrow draw of Brexit and the ludicrous American Presidency.

So I promised myself I would write a more upbeat article on the positivity and the great things we’ve achieved. A perfect Sunday night read don’t you think?

So World, we kind of kicked 2016 ass in a lot of areas (maybe not politics though)

Successes are as follows:

  • New chemotherapy breakthroughs have increased the 5-year survival for pancreatic cancer from 16% to 27% (and is getting better)
  • Scientists figured out how to link robotic limbs with the part of the brain that deals with intent to move so people don’t have to think about how they will move the limb, it can just happen
  • Child mortality is down everywhere and it keeps going down
  • Thanks to the ice bucket challenge the gene responsible for ALS has been found, meaning we are closer to an effective treatment. Let me rephrase that: we are close to getting a treatment for a very bad disease because a lot of people got wet.
  • A solar powered plan circumnavigated the world.
  • Michael Jordan donates 2mil to try and help bridge connection between police and the community.
  • Tiger numbers are growing…and manatees.. and pandas.
  • Pakistan has made strides toward outlawing honour killings.
  • 70,000 Muslim clerics declared a fatwa against ISIS.
  • Pokemon Go players went insane with placing lure modules near hospitals for sick kids.
  • California is now powering over 6 million homes with solar power, a record in the US.
  • Volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in 24 hours.
  • Apparently world crime as a whole has drastically declined as a whole in the last couple of decades.
  • Coffee consumption has been proved to help curtail cancer and suicide rates.
  • Speaking of coffee Starbucks figured out how to donate perishable food in a food safe way.
  • 500 elephants were relocated to a better, safer and bigger home.
  • We made massive strides in Alzheimers’ prevention
  • The ozone layer is repairing itself and all the work we did to get rid of those aerosol chemicals was actually worth it.
  • A new therapy developed in Israel could cure radiation sickness.
  • The Rabbinical Assembly issued a resolution affirming the rights of transgender and non-conforming individuals.
  • Precision treatments for cancer are hitting clinical trials and WORKING
  • Dentists are once again providing free care to veterans who need it.
  • We may have cured MS
  • Two brothers saw colour for the first time thanks to specially-designed glasses
  • Portugal ran its entire nation solely on renewable energy for four days straight
  • A retiree is launching a project to transport 80 endangered rhinos to an Australian reservation to save the animals from poaching
  • An Afghan teacher has been delivering books via bicycle to villages that lack schools
  • Harriet Tubman is going to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
  • 200 strangers attended the funeral of a homeless WW2 veteran with no family

And in general, families grew, people survived cancer, fighters overcame depression. Any kind of victory, even it affects only one person is a victory!

And one more victory in the world of pop culture.. Leonardo Dicaptrio won an Oscar guys… it’s been a long time coming and he got it. You go Leo!

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