We will remember this era as “The Hill”.. it all goes down from here.

2016 to me is like a jager bomb. You’re having a really good time with your friends and you’ve got such great hopes for the night ahead.. but then you have a few to many and your left with a sick feeling in your stomach as it swallows you right up.

I feel like I’ve been drunk the whole 2016 of anyway.. I mean how is this real? Donald fucking Trump (who has no previous political experience) is President of one of the greatest and most powerful countries. Britain has left the EU thus changing the shape of the adored Toblerone and David Bowie is dead.

Fuck you 2016.

I’m going to make myself a cup of tea and watch the last film of Harry Potter. The scene when we realise Snape is good after all is definitely my favourite part.. oh wait.. Alan Rickman died this year as well.

But fear not “There’s always a rainbow at the end of every rain.” The wise words of Prince..Oh yeah, you took him from us too. 2016.. you are really starting to piss me off.

And America, darling, you had one job. I know this job wasn’t necessarily the easiest when you’re picking the next President of the United States and it really is the lesser of two evils.. but him? Really?

People ask why women don’t report sexual assault. Here’s your answer, a man can have double-digit accusers and still be elected president.

But hey.. at least Britain isn’t the biggest fuck up of 2016 (1-nil to US)

So what’s next?

I predict a riot.

 I hate writing this, as for someone who is 21 years of age and born into a world where whatever race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality you are it doesn’t matter and a strong believer of equality the next bit is rather tragic..

As America is going to have a fight on their hands and I predict more mass shootings.

Police in the United States killed no fewer than 1,134 people in 2015 according to The Guardian, and the American public has become increasingly aware of – and angered by – the racial bias involved in police violence. According to that same report, 15 percent of those killed were black men aged 15 and 34, a demographic that makes up just 2 percent of the US population.

At the same time, mass shootings have become a fact of life in America. According to numbers gleaned by The Independent from Mass Shooting Tracker’s count (which is currently offline), there were 373 mass shootings in 2015, which adds up to more than one incident per day – an exhaustingly high number that illustrates how pervasive these shootings have become.

It would be crazy to expect anything other than more police shootings and active shooter scenarios and without a doubt, there’s more misery to come.

So for anyone reading this, please don’t be them.

Be Rosa Parks – The woman who refused to give up her bus seat in 1955 and sparked a movement that led to the end of segregation.

 Be Bayard Rustin – A civil rights leader, proponent of direct action, and activist for gay rights, pacifism, and socialism.

Be Martin Luther King Jr. – American Baptist minister, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

Be Carrie Chapman Catt – A passionate supporter of women suffrage and peace who served as the president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association twice and played a significant role in the campaign that led to the granting of the right to vote to women in 1920.

Be Anna Grodzka – A Polish politician who is currently the only openly transgender member of Parliament in the world and also advocates for transgender rights in Poland. Part of her goal of having a leadership position is to speak out against the violence and discrimination trans people face

Be you.


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