The American Dream: An ambiguous utopia that could well deliver President Trump.

I’m not predicting this election. Clinton should cruise it – but this is 2016 and things are getting pretty fucked up. The anti-establishment consensus is reaching max levels and the implications of it doing so are disastrous if the only alternative is the only alternative to Clinton. I still find it crazy that Trump could become president, but also crazy is what the American establishment has built itself on: “The American Dream”.

The whole world has heard of “The American Dream”. A lot of people think about, some people think they’re living it, and some people, like me, have never really thought much about what it actually means…because let’s face it: being white and born in Britain already provides me with a pretty sweet deal.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of the American Dream is freedom…so I was a tad surprised to find that Google doesn’t even mention the word in its definition. Instead, the world’s gospel of knowledge defines it as:

The ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.”


Straight away I’m looking at this definition and wondering how the hell anyone could ever believe such a thing to be real. It is the epitome of idealism, and it is so false that I begin to sympathise with all corrupt things about a political establishment that promotes such a utopia at a mass: For years it has been selling a product with no substance, but people have been buying it. And If I was selling my own shit and people were buying it, I imagine I’d find it difficult to stop.

Not only is it so inaccurate, and so blatant that “every US citizen” does not “have an equal opportunity to achieve success”, it is also incredibly ambiguous. For a lot of ethnic minorities living in America, picking fruit or washing cars, the dream is being lived – so these people are happy with Clinton and the establishment: It sold the American Dream, and the customer is happy.

However for a lot of White Americans, who do not feel as if that their “hard work, determination, and initiative” has equated to “success and prosperity”, the American Dream is still just a dream, and one that is fast fading. For them the dream is something very different to what it is for those who have migrated to America: It is a big house, a big car, a big everything. They are unhappy customers: They have been sold a lie, and now they are angry.

These people are not voting for Donald Trump because they like him, or because they think he will be a good president. They are doing it because they know nothing is going to piss off the establishment more. And in this sense we can all relate to their frustrations: If we’re sold a blatantly faulty product, we want our money back. Trouble is, there isn’t any…because the product is that false there is nothing to exchange it for. And so if you can’t get your money back, you at least want the seller to pay for misleading you…and this is exactly why Donald Trump could well become president.

The role of government should not be to sell hopes and dreams, it should be to look after its  people…and it has failed miserably.

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