Narrowing Polls Pushing Hillary to Victory

As many of you have probably seen, the polls in the US have narrowed the gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This sort of thing goes on every election; the gap always closes the closer we get to the election. There is also good news to come from these headlines. They will propel Clinton to victory.

While they may not seem like Democratic propaganda (not something I would put past the Democrats), it is. The biggest factor playing a role in this election is the lack of support for either candidate; which, in turn, leads to a huge proportion of the voting population avoiding the vote.

While this is definitely a setback for democracy, it could be what “saves” the US from a racist, sexist, and idiotic president. Albeit the alternative is a corrupt, war mongering, elite. You’ll agree, neither Trump nor Clinton possesses the qualities of a good President; however, the middle ground US voters, who otherwise would sit out the election, fear Trump’s presidency more so than Clinton’s.

Although this is still not a victory for democracy, people voting for the least shit option, it could save the US from 4 years of abject misery. As an international onlooker towards the US election, though, I fear the Clinton presidency more so. The old-fashioned, isolationist policy of Trump will damage America greatly, but leave the rest of the world for his golf courses. But the pro-war, anti-Russian stance of Clinton threatens any progress on the crisis’ in Ukraine or Syria; even threatening an expansion of conflicts in these areas!

This election has highlighted the issues in US politics since Reagan’s presidency. They cannot find suitable candidates. Obama may have said all the right things, but his greatest challenge came from Mitt Romney; a Republican so shit, he was seen as second best to George Bush! If I were an American voter in this election, I would seriously consider emigrating to Canada, with the hope Trump builds a wall there too.

Featured Image Credit to Lorie Shaull

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