Who Is Theresa May?

With David Cameron stepping down as the Conservative party leader, following the referendum result in June, both the country and conservative party have been thrown into a leaderless chaos. Theresa May is one of those who believes they can calm the chaos.

Theresa Mary May, is currently the Member of Parliament for Maidenhead and the Home secretary. Born on October 1st 1956, May claims on her website to have had a ‘varied education’, which ended at St Hugh’s College of Oxford University (Geography). Before entering Parliament in 1997, May worked at the Bank of England and Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS).

Between 1999 and 2010, May held a variety of Shadow Cabinet posts before the Conservative Party took power in 2010, such as Education Secretary, Transport, Media & Sport, Leader of the House of Commons and Work & Pensions. May’s first role in the new government was as the Minister for Women & Equalities while also taking on the role of Home Secretary. Which shows how high the Conservative Party holds the ‘Minister for Women & Equalities’ in esteem as May is told to do be the Minister along side one of the most demanding jobs in UK politics. May held the office of ‘Minister for Women & Equalities’ until 2012, to which she still remains the Longest serving Home Secretary for 50 years.

Since taking her seat as the Home Secretary, May has attempted to tackle a wide range of issues. Firstly, May attempted to take on immigration. As the Conservatives pledged to cut net migration down to the tens of thousands, May endured a string of fiasco’s involving the Passport office and border control. All this however has ended in a failed pledge, as the recent referendum campaign highlighted. Next May targeted Islamic Extremism. In the name of the fight against extremism May was able to deport Abu Hamza and ban a clutch of hate preachers from entering the UK. She also managed to deport Abu Qatada after his two decade resistance. May has also, attempted to tackle the Police federation, which has been described as both ‘brave’ and ‘foolhardy’. In this process May has also assisted heavily in the setting up the inquiry into historic child abuse and allegations of paedophilia in Westminster.

In 2015 The Guardian ran an article declaring that Theresa May’s speech at the 2015 Conservative Party conference marked a “New low in politics of migration”In her speech May rejected a European-Wide common asylum, which would have shared out the responsibility for 450,000-plus refugees who have risked their lives fleeing a war that we created. Instead, The Guardian tells “she portrays the few thousand who have made it to Calais or to Britain as the ‘wealthiest, fittest and strongest’, with pseudo-Darwinian implication that they are in some way queue-jumpers.” The articles intent was to layout the naivety of May and the Conservative party as to the situation of immigration and the distasteful manner in which these refugees are referred to.

May also came under attack in July of 2015, when she not only failed to protect three trafficking victims, but also allowed for their locking away in an immigration detention centre. The case was taken to the high court where May herself admitted to failing to correctly identify victims of trafficking. This case came only two months after, the home secretary had heralded in her very own ‘modern slavery act’ which was meant to protect the very people she imprisoned  from trafficking.

2015 did not end well for May as she was named ‘Internet Villain of the Year‘! Nicholas Lansman, Secretary General of the Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK), said to Wired that “The home Secretary won the Internet Villain Award for forging ahead with communications data legislation without fully consulting industry and addressing concerns raised by parliament.”

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