Nothing but Politics and Lies

Is it any wonder that after such a campaign, that the aftermath of the vote has been equally distasteful?

It was a campaign full of the dark side of politics. A campaign founded on fear, unproven statistics, lies and highly distasteful xenophobic and racial attacks. It was a campaign which was meant to engage the population in a debate that would invigorate the millennial generation to take a real and active interest in the politics and world around them. Instead it was a campaign which incited fear and hatred. A campaign which lead to the horrendous murder of a charitable mother of two.

It only took a matter of hours before the ‘Leave’ camp started to unravel  on their election promises. On Good Morning Britain Nigel Farage, now infamously, claimed that the ‘promise’ of £350m that we would save from the EU would be spent on the NHS, was in fact a mistake, as you can see for yourself below.

It is not just Farage and the rest of the politicians that have been making the worst of a democratic movement. Both the media and the public have been doing their best to embarrass the British democracy.

Since it was declared that over 17 million people voted in favour of the UK leaving the EU, the British media has been doing their best to make out that the British public regrets making the decision to leave the EU, as you can see here in The MirrorDaily Mail and Vox to raise a few. The large majority of such articles about British regret over the EU vote are huge generalisations with no facts and figures to back up such statements. However, a little research reveals that the polls suggest the opposite.

 This poll suggests that, contrary to what the media would have you believe, the number of Remain voters who are happy about Leave, 4%, where as the number of Leave voters who wanted Remain is only 1%.

Meanwhile, the public has made great efforts to counter the effects of democracy. With the hugely popular online petition which, as I am writing, has reached over 3 million signatures. However, this petition is nicely summed up, below, by Conservative MP Philip Davies in response to a constituent hoping he would the ‘agreement’/ petition to force a second referendum.


However, this petition controversy does not end there with its lack of democratic authority. The petition itself is under investigation for fraud. The investigation begun under suspicions that at least 77,000 signatures/names on the petition were fraudulent. However, that number is expected to rise as the investigation continues, with reports of 23,000 signatories coming from Vatican City with a population of less than 500.

I am sure many of you have seen some of the many, many, many EU rant Facebook status’, by which are no means informed nor always correct. Regardless of this, however, all these status’ set out to divide the country and blame ‘the others’. One of these many status’ is below. As well as it is argued and laid out it is still an anger inciting, and dividing status, which is the opposite to what the UK needs in a period of constitutional turmoil.


Then, as it always does, we end up back with the politicians scheming and manipulating. By which I am referring to the Labour Party’s attempts to oust Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Despite still in its early stages, it appears as if this latest ‘coup’ is using the referendum result as just another excuse to get rid of the unpopular the leader, amongst MPs at least.

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