EU Referendum LIVE!

Welcome to our live coverage of the EU referendum. Polls closed at 22:00 GMT and we will remain with you throughout the night keeping you up to date on the biggest vote in British history.

382/382 Declared

Leave: 17,410,742 / Remain: 16,141,241

15:28 – EU parliament President has announced his intention to speed through the UK exit from the EU stating that uncertainty is the opposite of that we need.

14:43 – Reports coming in that Trump is in Scotland to help rebuild Hadrian’s Wall ahead of Scotland’s independencentre vote.

13:25 – Breaking news from the channel tunnel …


13:06 – So far we have avoided talking about the sterling however we feel this sums it up well …


13:03 – Thought Nigel Farage was a change to British politics and that the money we saved from the EU would go to the NHS? Well he has already said that ‘that was a mistake’ On Good Morning Britain!

12:24 – MPs have tabled a motion of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party!

12:18 – Nicola Sturgeon believes that a second Scottish Referendum for independence is “highly likely”

12:02 – Nicola Sturgeon has announced that legal preparations will begin immediately for a second Scottish Independence vote.

09:31 – David Cameron announces his intentions to step down by October.

09:31 – The UK votes to leave the European Union!

04:10 – It could still go either way!

04:05 – Is it over?

04:04 – Nigel Farage declares himself winner!

04:00 – Brexit looking likely?

03:58 – Getting towards the crunch time now!

03:54 – Brussels may be sweating now!

03:50 – My girlfriend will be happy as Epsom & Ewell vote remain!

03:45 – Big lead for Leave!

03:40 – What happens next?

03:35 – Can Leave maintain their lead?

03:32 – A divided country!

03:28 – Leave are edgeing it at the moment!

03:24 – Not quite dawn yet!

03:22 – Well done to those of you sticking it out on the referendum!

03:19 – Is a referendum the right way to go?

03:16 – Have you put your bet on yet?

03:11 – Does Cameron have a future in Downing Street?

03:07 – Put the coffee on its going to be a long night!

03:05 – Did the weather make the difference?

03:00 – Long night! But where is it going to end?

02:52 – How have we got to this scenario tonight?

02:48 – Only 0.6% between the two camps!

02:42 – Still early!

02:36 – More results!

02:33 – First London Leave!

02:30 – Here comes a lot more results!

02:25 – Glasgow gives the remain camp another boost!

02:24 – The first major London declaration goes to Remain!

02:23 – Rush in results!

02:16 – North Warwickshire votes to Leave!

02:15 – The Leave camp leads by 146,602 votes! With only 41/382 authorities declared!

02:13 – You can almost hear the ‘IN’ camp coming up with excuses!

02:06 – Results flying in now!

02:02 – Things looking good for the Leave camp so far! Better than expected anyway!

02:01 – Lots of results coming in!

02:00 – The leave camp is in the lead as we stand by 127,547 votes!

01:55 – First London result is a remain vote!

01:53 – Results have put the Leave camp in the lead!

01:49 – Another huge victory for the Leave camp in Basildon!

01:47 – Hartlepool votes for a huge leave!

01:40 – East Ayrshire Remains!

01:38 – Eilean Siar votes to remain!

01:30 – North Antrium Leaves!

01:28 – Lagan Valley Leaves!

01:27 – Dundee wants to remain!

01:20 – South Tyneside Leaves!

01:15 – West Dunbartonshire Reamains!

01:15 – Shetland Islands Remain!

01:09 – Kettering Leaves!

01:00 – Leave takes the lead back!

00:57 – Broxbourne joins Swindon to Leave!

00:53 – Swindon results in, and its another victory for Leave!

00:51 – Isles of Scilly declare!

00:47 – Foyle the first of Northern Ireland to declare!

00:25 – Those latest results mean that the Leave camp are now in the lead tonight!

00:20 – Sunderland Results

00:016 – 

00:05 – Orkney Islands is results!

00:02 – Newcastle upon Tyne results in!

23:49 – Farage calls foul!

23:38 – Gibralter result is in confirmed! As predicted they wat to remain!

23:30 – The first result?

23:27 – The one poll which is leading to all the speculation tonight!

23:25 – Is it too early to tell? Or is this a good call?

23:00 – Boris Johson seems happy enough that Democracy has been served, despite ‘pencil-gate’!

22:57 – No wait apparently Nigel Farage has now ‘concedes’!

22:52 – Nigel Farage appears to have conceded!

22:50 – 84 Pro-Brexit Conservative MPs have signed saying they would like David Cameron to continue on as PM regardless of result.

22:32 – Expect the first declarations of the night at 00:30 GMT. Declarations will start coming in faster at around 02:00 GMT. Then at 04:00 GMT results will begin to come in thick and fast. Before 07:00 GMT when the official result will be known.

22:25 – #SuggestAJobForFarage starts trending on Twitter!



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