Bernie Isn’t Going Anywhere

“Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party!” Who cares? Well the answer to that would be CNN or NBC, or any of the major US media outlets. However, it appears that Bernie Sanders and millions of his supporters do not care if the major news outlets declare Hillary the presumptive nominee.

Since the declaration of Hillary being the presumptive nominee #NotHer, #StillSanders and #BernieOrBust have all trended on Twitter. It is clear that not everyone in America has given up hope on the political revolution promised to them by Bernie Sanders. This is not just bone headed idealism. There is good reason not to turn your back on Bernie.

To start Hillary Clinton is yet to secure the appropriate number of pledged delegates. With a target of 2,383 total pledged delegates to secure the nomination, Hilary is 181 delegates short of the target. Hillary Clinton has only secured 2,202 pledged delegates. This has left Bernie Sanders with a total of 1,829 pledged delegates. Therefore, in order to become the candidate of the Democratic party, Hillary needs to do it with superdelegates.

Although it seems likely she will be able to secure more than enough superdelegates for the nomination, the superdelegate system has come under huge scrutiny. Many seeing it as an un-democratic, un-accountable and un-fair process to which such a tight and crucial race is determined. Also worryingly for Hillary, some superdelegates are jumping ship. Green Papers shows that Hillary has 543 superdelegates, despite it being claimed by the New York Times that she has 577 likely superdelegate votes.

To add to Hillary’s worries, her decisive victory over Bernie in California is still not assured. To put it simply there is more than enough votes still left uncounted to change the California result completely. In Los Angeles County, there were 275,972 Vote-By-Mail, 256,326 Provisional and 24,021 ballots of alternate forms still to be counted as of Friday afternoon. This totals over 556 thousand ballots in Los Angeles County, alone, that were yet to be counted. Hillary held a lead over Bernie of just over 164 thousand votes. Therefore, Los Angeles County could still go either way. In fact counties which news outlets in America have confirmed as victories for Hillary are switching!

Beyond the realms of the delegate count and California, Hillary has greater worries! Obama’s endorsement does not appear to have had an effect, well not yet at least. Why is this? Well to many the endorsement from Obama has been expected for the last 8 years. Also, it is a member of the establishment endorsing Mrs. Establishment! It is something which means nothing to the millions of people who dislike or hate Hillary who liked Bernie for the very reason that he is not an establishment politician, or even like Trump for the same reason (whether or not its true).

Finally we come to the looming spectre of the FBI investigation/email scandal/indictment issue! I won’t go into huge detail now, don’t worry I am saving the detail for another day, but let me say for now that this is a much greater issue for Hillary than it is being portrayed by the media at the moment. At the very least it is an issue which, unlike Bernie, Trump will not hold back on. At its very height it is more than just cause for the Democratic nomination to be rendered irrelevant. A more realistic possibility than expected could be that Bernie is the only candidate left at the convention in July for the Democrats, creating him as the nominee.


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