Why You Should Vote to Leave the EU!

With the EU referendum less than 2 weeks away, thousands of voters are still undecided about how to vote come the 23rd June. So here is why you should use your vote to get the UK out of the European Union.

National Sovereignty

53% of all the Britain’s laws and regulations come from the EU, leaving only 47% of laws and regulations coming from the British parliament. Now this is not a great start as by this figure alone we appear to have lost our national sovereignty. The majority of what Britain has legally declared itself to be in favour of, has in fact been dictated to us. More scary is that for this 53% of laws, Britain has only 73 representatives, or MEPs, who represent 880,00 people each! Where as for the 47% of laws which come from our own parliament, we have 650 representatives, or MP’s, who represent only 70,000 citizens each! Therefore, leaving the EU would create a more accountable and democratic society which allows our national sovereignty to remain secure with 100% of laws and regulations coming from the British 650 representatives, which in turn means each citizen has greater representation in every law, regulation and decision made upon their behalf.


Now as we have just learnt each British MEP represents 880,000 citizens, however in Ireland each MEP represents only 400,000 citizens. This means that every Irish citizen has at least double the voting power a British citizen has! How about that for a democratic society! But wait it gets worse still. Britain is the second most under-represented nation in the EU. The current system means that each vote in Malta is worth 12 in the Britain!

Then how about the truly undemocratic institution of the EU, the European Commission. The European Commission is the main body of in charge of creating legislation for the EU and enforcing the laws it lays down, effectively making it the government of the EU. However, the Commission is run by 28 Commissioners, 27 of whom are unelected and unaccountable. The other commissioner is President Jean-Claude Juncker, who was elected, but he was the only name on the election ballot, just like you find in many great democracies across the world.


It is widely believed that should Britain leave the EU we will find ourselves without anybody to trade with, after being shuned by angry former trading partners in the EU. However, the truthfulness behind this belief is minimal. Firstly, it relies on our EU friends being childish in shunning us in the first place, us a major player in the EU economy with imports and exports.

774njINHowever, even out of the EU, Britain will have the ability to negotiate our own trade agreements with this rest of the world. We will finally be able to trade properly with some of the worlds largest and fastest growing economies such as Japan, China and India! We will be able to do all this without the EU’s common external tariff, which was designed to stop EU nations trading with non-EU countries. We may also be able join the ‘Norweigen club’ who effectively have a free trade agreeement with Europe without the political union. Also by becoming independent of the EU, Britain can seek its own seat in the World Trade Organisation away from the EU.

Then for those fearing the sudden dissappearing of major global business who fear the rise in EU trade costs. Having left the EU, it is believed Britain will lower the rate of corperation tax in accordance to the rise in exports costs in order to compensate businesses which put the UK as the financial capital of the EU.

Global Standing

Britain as lost its standing in the World drastically over the last 30 years. However, leaving the EU could be the first and major step towards putting Britain back to where it rightly belongs, according to James Bond.

Britain is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, one of five. This means that from this position we have the power to strike down UN resolutions, now that is a lot of power for a ‘little island’. Also are position on the Security Council is secured, as we would have to vote and give our permission to leave the Security Council. We are also a member of Nato. This means even if we were to leave the EU are European friends and allies would still have to protect us should we be attacked. This is something the EU can not actually gaurentee, as it does not have its own army despite rumours and suggestions.

On top of this we remain a member of the G7. This gaurantee’s us a role in decideding what to do about the world’s economic issues. This is a highly selective table to be at, even the blushing bride would not get this seat!


Here it is. Yes its the big issue of the referendum. “We need to take back control of our borders”. I don’t want to get caught up in anything untoward like name calling or such. Yet, immigration and the uncontrolled movement across European borders has without a doubt, damaged British job prospects.

The high level of unskilled migration into Britain, has led to I oversized pool of unskilled workers, grabbing at the low level of unskilled jobs available. This has led to a high unemployment level, an unemployment level which could be drastically lowered by leaving the EU. Leaving the EU would drastically decrease the surplus labour pool of unskilled workers, therefore putting more Britons in work.

Just in case is the first you are reading on the EU referendum, firstly where have you been? Then secondly I highly suggest reading one of our article’s on why you should vote to stay in the EU.

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