A Night Which Made History

A night which was full of hope for all involved. For Hillary Clinton it was the night in which she would make history by becoming the first female Presidential candidate of a major US party. For Bernie Sanders it was a night where polls suggested he may be the source of one of US politics’ greatest ever upsets. Then for Trump it was just a night to emphasis his rule over the Republican party.

In the end, it was a night for Hillary to enter the history books. With over 400 delegates on offer in California, Hillary took 56% of the vote to win California. A major victory which accompanied victories earlier that night in New Jersey and New Mexico, with an effective tie in South Dakota where the 20 delegates were shared equally. The night was not without victory for Bernie, who claimed victories in Montana and North Dakota.

The end result of the night means that Hillary Clinton is now the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party. However, even with the nights victories she has still failed to cross the threshold to guarantee the nomination. She currently sits on 2,184 delegates, 199 delegates short of the required 2,383. This guarantee’s the contested convention promised to us by Bernie Sanders. However it is expected that Hillary will seal far more than enough superdelegate votes to take the nomination.

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