Do we need to be educated on the true cost of the NHS?

Our healthcare- something that we do far better than America. But as the NHS slowly diminishes have we only got ourselves to blame?

Some days we find ourselves struggling at work or hung-over and are thankful that we can pop into our nearest supermarket to pick up a packet of paracetamol for only 14p all is resolved. Isn’t paracetamol a lifesaver?

But is it? It might seem hard to believe but not everybody does the above, some make doctors appointments to get a prescription of paracetamol. What’s even more astonishing is that up to 22 million prescriptions a year are being written for the over-the-counter painkillers by GPs. According to the BBC this costs clinical commissioning groups more than £80 million a year and if GP time is included this is even higher.

That is the equivalent of 58p for a pack that can cost 14p in shops.

This comes after the BBC obtained figures showing that the NHS pays £1.6 million annually for this drug- and that’s only in Norfolk.

These figures alone are a scary thought to how much money is being wasted in the NHS on paracetamol alone, and makes us question – do we need to be taught the true cost of the NHS?

We might argue that some patients do need paracetamol for a long term condition and sensitivity needs to be adopted in those cases as the GP can offer 100 tablets at a time, where as shops can only offer two 16 packet packs.

But are people really aware of the true cost of the NHS? By even lowering the number of GP prescriptions of paracetamol this could cut save the NHS millions. Isn’t it time that we, as the public, save the NHS?



One thought on “Do we need to be educated on the true cost of the NHS?

  1. I’m proud to have been a part of the NHS having worked for it for a number of years. Due to a life-threatening Disability I’ve also seen the other side – as a patient and although there were issues I was grateful for the care I received.
    Now I am a Hypnotherapist and I spend all day seeing people that haven’t had their issues relieved by the struggling NHS, they feel cheated sometimes and others feel that whilst their problem wasn’t helped by the myriad of specialists and treatments at least it was free. I am pleased to say that they all were delighted with the “Private Hypnotherapy” experience and leave looking so much better than when they arrive. Wish I knew the answer to the future of the NHS….


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