I’m Not Just Young, I’m Pissed Off!

I am tired of being told that I will grow up and I will take my rightful place in the ranks of thousands of young ideologist before me as a conservative drone.

I have had to endure continues ridicule ever since I came out as a Liberal Democrat, in March of 2015. I have been told I am just young and liberal but soon I will learn that there are more important things, and I will soon enough grow up and see the light of the Tories! The most infuriating time in which i was told this was in April of 2015, a little more than 2 weeks before election day at a town hall meeting.

I went to the event hoping to ask the candidate for MP a few questions on his extreme tax policies, however I just walked away from it insulted by the conservative party, its members and its councillors. When I arrived I found myself discussing green policy with a couple of tory party members, who were of the opinion “if it’s not my forest being cut down for fuel I don’t care what they do to it! I just don’t want wind turbines in my country it’s already full of immigrants!” Now having only been there for 10 minutes i was already greatly insulted. But it was only destined to get worse when the candidates came over to us to chat. During this chat all sorts of issues came up, the result of this was it being declared that I was a “Liberal child, with unrealistic views!” and that soon enough I “would learn there are more important things”, by which I could only presume he meant money is better than liberty and helping others. Worst of all was that nobody made the effort to actual make me vote Tory but instead that I would one day be as old a bitter as them, and that I too would only lust for money, hate everyone and sign off my soul to the devil (sorry I mean tory party). Although I may be being harsh, the MP hopeful did exclaim “there is a gay one” by which he was referring to Coner Burns at the time a fellow MP hopeful. Although whether he meant it as a good thing or a bad thing was hard to tell.

So the question I have for Conservatives and pro-establishmentors is “do you really think I will ever vote for you?”

I not going to accept the hard face of reality, and give up on hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow. You know why? It’s because things have changed. When the older generation was my age, they had the brightest future ahead of them known to human kind. Free university, an economy all set to boom, a housing market which was fair, a society (although not entirely equal) that was a hell of a lot more equal that the one which faces the current generation. The older generation grew up and grew into growing wealth, and then had good reason to vote for the establishment and conservative/right-wing leaning governance to protect your money and future investments.

I now as a 21-year-old just finishing my second year of university paying £9,000 a year in fees, not including the extreme rent levels and cost of living, versus the pathetic excuse the government has offered me for support, which in the end means uni costs me closer to £15,000 a year. In an economy which gives me so very little chance of getting a job or paying off my debts which I have garnished trying to get a job. Or the fact that I somehow need upwards of 5 years experience to get a job straight out of uni, which by the way is impossible, which will pay me next to nothing while i continue to pay high levels of rent and to buy basic food and pay off my debts.

So, conservatives do you see why I will not be voting for a party that does not care about my future? Do you see now why i will continue to be an idealistic dreamer? Do you see now why I’ll continue to dream of a revolutionary government that wants the best for everyone not just themselves? Do you still think I am not going to fight for an alternative to the establishment which has screwed me for its own personal gain?

So my message to the Conservatives who still think that the younger generations will just grow up and start voting for them, is that you need to look at what you have done to the millennial generation and realise your time is over! A progressive way is coming!

One thought on “I’m Not Just Young, I’m Pissed Off!

  1. Let’s pretend that right wing is not the right choice. But do you honestly think , left is ? I like liberals but not lib-retards. First you take care of your own citizens then legal immigrants and then if you have time & resources then go for world tour & help people in need. And that is what Lib-retards can’t do. So I personally be at right side of spectrum & save my country then destroy country with Lib-retards. No offense.


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