“Why I’m Choosing To Remain In The Eu.”

I’m usually one to do just, two sided arguments, but unfortunately for you Brexiters, this is a very one-sided post. I am a firm believer that we should remain in the EU. It might be that I’m part of the 73 per cent demographic of those aged between 18-29 that want to remain in the EU, or the fact I go to University and study business and marketing. My EU decision has been encouraged by the choices I’ve made to this point. But why do I want to remain?

Well, the EU is made up of 28 countries – and to be quite frank I don’t want to remain on one island with a bunch of Tories. The UK also has trade agreements with over 50 countries through its membership of the EU. Some might complain our membership of the EU is the one robbing us, but realistically it’s a little over 1p in every £1 paid in UK taxes that goes to the EU.

I’m not fan of the Tories, (if you haven’t guessed already) but this one they’re doing right. The EU has instituted human rights, workers rights, paternity/maternity leaves, the Esramus project. For example, Europe puts the maximum of legal hours per week to work and if companies don’t do so, Europe makes them pay a fine.

Some people might argue that if we exit the EU this will fix the migrant crisis. I might be young but even I know magic isn’t real. The migrant crisis won’t stop just because we’re in the EU or not. The migrants aren’t even the ones rinsing us of our money. The sad fact is Britain, we’re doing that ourselves – 70% of people in Britain who claim benefits are actually British citizens and 15% were proved fraudulent. European migrants to the UK are not a drain on Britain’s finances and they actually pay out far more in taxes than they receive in state benefits.

So what other reasons are there to remain? Well here’s a few:

  • The EU is the UK’s biggest trading partner, buying 44% of everything we sell abroad from goods like cars to services such as insurance. As a EU member state, the UK has full access to the single market. This market is made up of over 500 million customers and represents an economy over five times bigger than the UK’s. Remaining inside the EU guarantees full access to the Single Market. By contrast, leaving would create uncertainty and risk. Losing our full access to the Single Market would make exporting to Europe harder and increase costs for UK businesses.


  • Over 3 Million UK jobs are linked to exports to other EU countries. Being inside the EU also makes it more attractive to invest in the UK, meaning more jobs. Over the last decade, foreign companies have invested £540 billion in the UK, equivalent to £148 million every day. Almost three quarters of foreign, investors cite access to the European market as a reason for their investment in the UK.


  • The EU has made it easier and cheaper for us to travel around Europe, which helps, when over 29 million UK residents went on holidays to the EU last year. EU reforms in the 1990’s resulted in a drop in fares of over 40% for lower cost flights and thanks to action agreed by the EU, from next year mobile phone roaming charges will be abolished across the EU – saving UK customers up to 38p per minute on calls when travelling in the EU.


  • EU cooperation makes it easier to keep criminals and terrorists out of the UK. Since 2004, using the European Arrest Warrant, over 1,000 suspects have faced justice in the UK courts and over 7,000 have been extradited from the UK to face justice in other European countries.



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