The Back of Natalie and the Rise of the Greens!

After leading the UK Green Party for 4 years, Natalie Bennett as declared her intentions to step down as party leader, and not to run for a second term in the summer.

We will now go through a full run through of her major successes as the leader of the Green Party.

  1. Party membership rose from 13,000 to 60,000 under her leadership
  2. um ….
  3. oh well now this is awkward
  4. nope I think that’s about it

Yes, that is correct the Leadership of Natalie Bennett comes to a close on, well not quite a high note, but a note non the less. That note being from liberals up and down the UK saying “FINALLY”!

You may think that I am being a little harsh of Natalie Bennett, she was after all only in charge of a relatively small party in the UK with no real power. To those of you thinking I am being harsh I say “pay attention”.

The UK is currently experiencing a turbulent times in our party politics. The result of this being the door is open, along with the windows and even the cat flap. We have seen the rise of UKIP, the rise and fall of the Liberal Democrats, along with the election of Jeremy Corbyn and the return of old Labour. Then to add to all this we may be witnessing the beginning of a Conservative party split. As Boris Johnson and David Cameron appear happy to dig their nails into the cracks of the party and pull at them over the EU referendum.

If this passage of politics, in the UK, has shown us anything it is that a single issue does not have to stop a party from growing into a focal point in the political system. UKIP have taken immigration to the top of UK politics, and regardless fo what you think of them they have been a major factor in bringing the UK’s membership of the EU to a referendum. Now, UKIP is no longer a single issue party. Immigration may be their main policy but it is by no means their only one which has gathered thier support from the public.

Therefore there is no reason as to why the Green Party, to whom many see as a single issue party, could not affirm themselves as a broad party. However, under the leadership of Natalie Bennett, the Green Party failed to move forward and continued to be seen as the single issue party people believed it to be.

Regardless of any intentions Bennett had to move the party forward, she was disappointing in educating the public about the many other party policies. Meanwhile, Brighton MP and former party leader, Caroline Lucas, is showing the Brighton public what the Green Party stands for and what is can do for the people. Caroline Lucas has built herself to be the liberal icon of the UK, while Bennett is failing to even remember her parties policies.

The recent London Mayoral elections have shown just how willing the British public is to embracing the Green parties beliefs. When Green party candidate, Siân Berry, won the largest number of second preference votes. Amassing a total of 468,318 votes, which made up 21% of the second preference votes, which would have beaten both, the eventual winner, Sadiq Khan and tory candidate Zac Goldsmith. 

Therefore, it is of my opinion, that when the Green Party finally sees the back of Natalie Bennett, the UK’s fifth party has the opportunity to raise itself to the big leagues. I foresee no reason as to why a reinvigorated Green Party under the proper leadership cannot stake a claim to be at least the third-party of UK politics. As it fills the gap left for the liberal British left to wander the wilderness left in the wake of the Liberal Democrats demise.

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