A Brazilian Failure

The Brazilian dream has failed. It failed with the President Dilma Rousseff. From impeachment to the annulment and back to impeachment or a coup? What is happening to Brazil?

It appears that something is rotten in Brazil. It may be the home for the upcoming Olympics of 2016, but the country is far from the embodiment of what the games represent. The honour, equality and pride has vanished from Brazil, and it has all stemmed from a corrupt politicians.

President Dilma Rousseff, was elected in 2010 after spending 5 years of being former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s Chief of Staff. She was heralded in 2010 as the President to lead Brazil to greater world standing, and bring greater prosperity to the nations poor. She claimed victory with 56% of the popular vote, carrying with her 15 states and the Federal District. She was later re-elected in 2014 in a hard-fought campaign with only 51% of the popular vote, but only losing the Federal District.

However, it was surrounding this election the corruption stories began surrounding the President.

In March, of this year, the government braced itself for huge protests, after high levels of public uproar over the former President Silva, who himself was in the midst of a corruption probe, appointment to the cabinet as President Rousseff’s Chief of Staff. Following thousands of protesters taking to the streets, Silva’s appointment to the cabinet was blocked by judges, as Brazil continued to fall further into political crisis.

Despite the ongoing protests, Dilma Rousseff stated the she “won’t resign for any reason whatsoever”. It was not long until the coalition formed under Dilma Rousseff lost the support of the country’s largest party. It soon became clear that she may not have the opportunity to resign of her own will as Presidential impeachment processes had already begun to remove her as President.

Come April, the lower house of Brazil’s senate voted to move forward with the impeachment process, as anger at the corrupt government continued to grow. The motion of impeachment was then passed forward to the Brazilian senate. Meanwhile President Rousseff still hand a card up her sleeve as she accused the opposition party of a political coup de tat! As audio evidence emerged suggesting Vice-President Michael Termer and the Speaker of the House Eduardo Cunha had been colluding in an attempt to overthrow Rousseff. This would have allowed the Speaker Eduardo Cunha to have taken over as President.

However, the drama was far from over yet. Come May, the Speaker of the House, Eduardo Cuhna, was removed from office by the Brazilian Supreme Court. Cunha was to investigated for corruption and abuse of power. finally the hammer fell, as a 21 member Senate committee voted to send the impeachment decision to the upper house of the senate.

Then the new acting Speaker, Waldir Maranhao, annulled the Senate vote. However, determined to see the President impeached, the Senate Head Renan Calheiros, tells the Senate to ignore the Speaker and to move forwards.

On the 12th of May, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is impeached.

After 3 days of debate, the Senate voted to impeach Brazil’s First female President. Rousseff is stripped of her duties, ony half way through her second term. This is Brazil’s first impeachment in 24 years. The day is described as the “Saddest day for Brazil’s young democracy“!

Rousseff is suspended for at least 6 months, and is set to face trial for allegedly manipulating government accounts.

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