Super Thursday: The Results So Far

After a long night of counting and results beginning to pour in at midnight last night it has been revealed that Labour has taken blows in Scotland and the south of the Border. This is the first election seen as the first nationwide verdict on Corbyn’s leadership of the party.

Here are the key highlights we know so far from the results still rolling in from polling day yesterday:


  • Labour gains an extra seat in Sunderland
  • Labour holds on to two safe seats in Westminister by-elections and losses in English councils were lower than predicted
  • Labour loses control of Dudley council in the West Midlands, but holds on to major cities including Birmingham, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Sunderland.
  • Conservative loses overall control of Worcester but secured an absolute majority in Peterborough.
  • UKIP gains seats in Thurrock, Tamworth and Bolton.
  • Joe Anderson of Labour is re-elected as mayor in Liverpool with more than 50% of the vote. Local Leigh Labour MP Andy Burnham revealed he was considering running for mayor of Greater Manchester.
  • Mixed might for Labour in English council elections where fewer than expected councils change hands. Deputy leader Tom Watson calls for “patience” from critics of Jeremy Corbyn
  • Labour’s Sadiq Khan is running ahead of Conservative Zac Goldsmith in early mayoral voting in London


  • Labour suffers a major blow in South Wales as Plaid Cymru leader Leanna Wood ousted Labour government minister Leighton Andrews
  • UKIP makes ground in Wales, with former Tory MP Neil Hamilton winning an assembly seat.


  • SNP celebrate victory in Scotland but fall short of a majority
  • Scottish Conservatives push Labour into third


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Last updated: Friday 6 May 11:21am

NEW UPDATES – Friday 6 May 5.26pm

new updateLatest voting from The Guardian

Key updates

  • Sadiq Khan “has won without question” the mayor election
  • Kirsty Williams has resigned as leader of the Lib Dems after the party lost 4 seats in the Welsh assembly elections
  • Although some may argue that Corbyn should step down, the critics predicted that Corbyn would lose 200 seats although it’s looking like only 13 seats have been lost. Also, from pressure from the Labour party the government have abandoned plan to force all schools to become academies.

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