The Current State of the NHS is Our fault! Not the Government’s!

While the contracts over junior doctor’s are being debated and strike action is taken up, the British people proclaimed Jeremy Hunt is, single-handedly, destroying the NHS. This, however, is clearly not the case. Hunt is doing the best he possibly can, this is just what happens when politicians are put in charge of organisations; and yet people want to nationalize steel.

In fact the fault with the NHS lies with the very people moaning about Jeremy Hunt ruining the NHS. Not Labour, the public people.

When introduced in 1945, the NHS was a thing of beauty, a first of its kind across the world. Yes it had flaws at the start, but they were overlooked, purely as it was new and untested. However, those problems haven’t gone away, because our grandparents, and great grandparents, began to think of the NHS as the UK’s crown and glory. For this reason, any politician that went anywhere near the NHS basically committed political suicide.

Even when Thatcher’s policy, introduced to a failing Birmingham Children’s hospital, which has been shown to IMPROVE standards of care across the whole NHS, was moaned about at the time. Along with the poll tax, this caused her ultimate downfall.

Yet nobody speaks much of the Welsh NHS, even with the worst statistics across the UK. Why, because they refused to change the 1945 formula, warts and all. This led to the situation that exists in Wales now. I would rather pay thousands of pounds for a business class flight to North Korea and be treated by Kim Jong Un himself than wait in a hospital in Wales.

So when Blair comes along, spends all the NHS budget on middle management and not on doctors, in an attempt to fix the problem, he only compounds it. Because of these policies there is not enough budget to hire more doctors and nurses, hence the shortage. This results in doctors and nurses having to commit to horrendous amounts of overtime. Something Jeremy Hunt is limiting, yet fewer hours creates more tired doctors.

Then, the circular trap comes in. Because the middle management was introduced quietly, voters didn’t realise they weren’t there in 1945; so anyone who now tries to change that will be told they are messing with the NHS and ruining it, hence committing political suicide. So you can’t rid the useless middle management, so you can’t hire too many more doctors and nurses, as you need to pay for management that has no practical training. Thanks Labour.

The doctors and nurses shortage then creates the current need for overtime, with doctors in some hospitals across the country working 90 hours a week! You can’t change this, as the problem is inherent in the voting public, who claim they want reform and change to the NHS, but get scared when it happens.

The final result is what you get for putting politicians in charge. They have no clue what they’re doing, hire a load of bureaucrats to do the job for them, which saps money from the service they are supposed to be providing. They then cannot change the system, as they have the short-term approach to think about.

That is why privatisation of the NHS is the way to go. Turn it into a Not-For-Profit organisation, run by someone who knows what they are bloody well-doing, instead of some prick who probably couldn’t do basic first aid. And before you get up in arms about me being a capitalist scum who wants to privatize everything, google the French health care system. A very left-wing government, with a private health care that is consistently rated, by the WHO, as one of the best national health care services in the world.

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