It’s Trump But the Race to Fight Him is Still Alive

Donald Trump has now all but confirmed his role as the Republican candidate but the question of who will be opposing the New York businessman is still very much up for contention.

Donald Trump effectively sealed the nomination last night after another dominant victory over Cruz. A victory of such magnitude and crucial timing finished off Ted Cruz and saw the back of his 2016 campaign. Kasich also followed Cruz off into the shadows of the 2016 campaign as it appears the Republicans begin to accept their fate under Trump. The Indiana primary was seen as the last chance for any anti-Trump campaign. However, Trump took 53% of the vote, leaving Cruz to only gain 37%.

On the other side of the aisle, with Hillary trying to assert herself as the nominee and engaging with Trump, Sanders truck back with a crucial win in Indiana to remind her it isn’t over yet no matter how badly she wants it to be!

Bernie claimed his victory, in the open primary, against the polls but the independents of a state with demographics favouring Bernie. Bernie claimed 52.5% of the vote and his revolution continued on, in the week Bernie said he wanted his legacy to be that he was “a very good President”!


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