Should Bernie Sanders Drop Out of the Race?

For recent months media outlets, such as CNN, having been telling us to expect Bernie Sanders to drop out of the Democratic race at any moment. Or, if they aren’t busy telling us he is about to drop out, they are telling us that he should drop out! But should he actually drop out?

Well first of all lets sum up where each candidate stands in the nomination race. Using the data from The New York Times on the 28 April.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 14.24.36.png

Well as you can see above Hillary and Trump are the clear front-runners for their parties. But, that is about as far as the comparison goes between the two!

Trump holds a huge lead! Trump is closer to sealing the nomination than Ted Cruz is to catching him up. Despite being 407 delegates behind Trump, there are still no calls for Cruz to drop out of the race, or even for Kasich to drop out despite the fact he is 800 delegates behind.

Whether that because you believe they both are trying to fight to be the obvious running mate for Trump, or if its because the RNC is paying them to stay in the race at all costs. I will leave that determination up to you for now. However, regardless of why they are staying in the race, it is still odd that they are not being told to get out of it while Bernie is getting told to drop out from every angle, except his supporters.

Despite what CNN and others may want you to believe, the Democratic race is far from over yet. Sanders is a lot closer to Hillary than the race is being portrayed. It is important to remember that Superdelegates mean nothing in the Democratic race until the convention, at which point they can still change their mind.

Admittedly Bernie needs to win around 60% of the remaining vote, however on Tuesday 29 April, Hillary only won the closed primaries as Bernie won Rhode Island the only open primary of the night. From now until the end of the election there are only three closed primaries remaining. All of which Bernie is likely to claim significant victories, according to polls and demographics! All other primaries will be open, something that gives Bernie, who is hugely popular amongst independents, a massive advantage.

Bernie also has the effect of being able to drastically close the gap of polls which go against him. For example 2 weeks ago Bernie was 12 points down in California, yet with 6 weeks to go until the California primary Bernie is only down by 2 points according to many polls.

Bernie as vowed not to give up until every vote has been cast, and his wife Jane has even predicted a stunning comeback by her husband. So is she going to correct and are we gonna see a Trump v Sanders challenge for the Presidency?

One thought on “Should Bernie Sanders Drop Out of the Race?

  1. I just wish Bernie would go away. I’m not watching CNN or MSNBC any longer. I can’t wait until all of this is over. It’s very stressful> I don’t know how Hillary does it


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