The Beginning of Trumps Corontation, and the End of Sanders?

The night of April 26, 2016 will forever be seen as one dominated by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. With five state primaries up for grabs, on both sides of the aisle, Trump took the nomination by the throat, while Hillary moved herself into an almost assured position of dominance.

The night was predicted to be a strong night for the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, but few could have expected the clean sweep across the nights five states. The moment the polls closed at 8pm ET, Trump found himself the winner across three of the nights states almost immediately, then within the hour he had claimed all five of the states. It turned out to be a night of clear ease for Trump as he claimed all but six of the delegates on offer!

Trump claimed victories on a mammoth scale. In Connecticut he won by 29 points, Delaware by 40 points, Maryland by another 31 points. Then sealed the night off with victories of 35 points in Pennsylvania and 39 points in Rhode Island, despite turning out to be the only state in which he lost any delegates on offer.

On the other side of the aisle, things weren’t as easy for Hillary Clinton as she would have hoped coming into the evening results. However, she was still able to walk away with four more states under her belt. Coming into the night she would have hoped for all five states but must have expected just the four, conceding the open primary of Rhode Island to Bernie Sanders.

The results however were not as clear-cut as Hillary would have liked in all the states. Despite Delaware being a clear cut win, of 20 points, and Maryland being a massive 30 point victory. Hillary will still have been nervous watching the Connecticut and Pennsylvania results come in. As Bernie Sanders held slender leads in both states for significant proportions of the night. However, in the end Pennsylvania fell to Hillary at a 12 point victory, and Connecticut a 5 point win. However, as any Bernie supporter will tell you these were meant to be big double-digit victories for Hillary.

The night results are a massive blow to the Sanders campaign as they are now doing highly speculative maths to try to work out how they can still win the race. However the short of it is that they need around 65% of the remaining vote in the race to win the nomination. Or, a hopeful Bernie advocate will say “Hillary could still be indicted any day now!”

If you want to see how the night unravelled in a real-time blog, check out our nights live coverage here.

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