Super Tuesday 4 as it Happened

Hillary takes the final primary of the night!

Fox News thinks they can call it first!

Trump seals a perfect night!

Trump marches on and wins Rhode Island

Bernie still standing strong!



(Warning very early exits!)

We have only 1 hour remaining before the polls close across all 5 primary states!

Bernie Sanders seems to be attempting to bring progressives and conservatives together of campaign finance reform!

Senate candidate Donna Edwards is seeking a court order to keep the polls open later in Baltimore after polling stations opened up to 3 hours late this morning!

Donald Trump has reportedly sold his private jet to himself! This gives him a side step around FAA registration laws! Smart thinking from Nixon, no wait Trump yeah Trump that’s what I meant!

Further news on the Facebook outages of Pro-Bernie pages! As Hillary supporters and Super Pac are accused of a coordinated PORN ATTACK on the pages!

Major news coming out tonight that a $40 million law suit against Trump University will be going to court!

It may be fair to say the Democratic party is excited to vote for tonight’s primaries!

The Clinton camp believes that after tonight it will be ‘virtually impossible’ for Bernie to catch them!

We are now only 2 hours and 53 minutes away from the polls closing!

Bernie Sanders has spent more in tonight’s primary states than his competitor Hillary, largely on TV ads.

Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie, has said that he will release his tax returns when Hillary finally releases the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches.

Little reminder from 2008, with 3 hours and 20 minutes to go!

Senate Minority leader, Harry Reid (D-Nev), today has said that Bernie Sanders cannot win the nomination. However, Mr.Reid stopped short of saying Bernie should drop out of the race.

Welcome to Politically Wasted’s Live Coverage of tonight’s US Primaries! Tonight will witness 10 Primaries across 5 states. These states are Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. The polls are due to close at 20:00 ET and 01:00 GMT+1

Live coverage for tonight’s 10 primaries starts at: 16:00 ET and 21:00 GMT+1

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