Hillary Caught Trying to Buy the Internet

A Pro-Clinton Super Pac has been caught out spending, a reported, $1 Million on “Correcting” the internet. Actually to be more specific “Correcting” Bernie Sanders supporters, or “Bernie Bros” if you prefer.

The Super Pac is called ‘Correct the Record’ (CTR) is a break away from a long time supporter of Hillary, whom have donated millions to Hillary over the years. CTR are working on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to change the minds and beliefs of Bernie supporters. This is done by entering the social media debate and “correcting” those supporters.

The Clinton campaign see this as a reasonable response the supposed bullies and internet trolls the “Bernie Bros”, despite the legitimacy and support of the non paid and passionate supporters of the Sanders campaign. Many times throughout the campaign the Clinton campaign has cried foul of the Bernie supporters on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, and especially on Reddit.
Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.26.38

This is a strategic move to try to cut out the legs of the Sanders campaigns grassroots movement, which has stemmed from Reddit. The Sanders campaign has seen a revolutionary movement on the internet! Bernie is so popular on the internet and his message has spread so far that via the subreddit /r/SandersforPresident has raised millions of dollars for the campaign! Which is very alarming for Hillary who isn’t used to losing the fund-raising race! Especially to someone who has used no Super Pac money.

Regardless of the intentions of the work being done by CTR, they are simply coming across as paid trolls! To many they are a lot worse than the supposed trolls, the “Bernie Bros”. Redditor /u/workythehand has even given their fellow Redditors some advice

The best tactic to use against “professionals” is to simply downvote and move on. The more you argue with them, the more likely people will read the astroturfer’s posts. Keep your eyes out for very young accounts, repetition of phrasing and syntax (the same “Sanders only diagnoses the problem…” talking points, for instance) in every post, and rapid fire posting – 10+ comments in the span of a few minutes is a good indicator.

However regardless of whether or not, you feel the Clinton campaign is within their rights to try to manipulate the web in their favour with money, many have raised legal issue with it. Many feel as if this is definitely something for the FEC to investigate. A full argument for a FEC inspection is laid out by scorned Redditor /u/Silver_Skeeter. Whether this issue will go further to a FEC investigation is unknown. However one thing is for sure, legal controversy continues to follow Hillary around the campaign.

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