Welcome To The United States of Britain

Welcome to the next step in the long British history. It’s the next step in British devolution. Welcome to a federal state Britain. No longer ‘Great’ Britain without our empire. Instead we are the USB! The United States of Britain!

Britain is now made up of 12 states. These states are the former regions of Great Britain.
These are Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the North West, the North East, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.26.09Yorkshire, the West Midlands, the East Midlands, the East, the South East, the South West and London. Each state, much like in America, makes up a star on the flag, while the rest of the flag is the former Union Jack as a nod to the old Empire.

The new Government runs much like the American system. With a House of Representatives, which will have members representing each state with the number of members from each state relevent to the population size of each state. simultaneously a Senate will run as a more senior house. The senate will be made up of 24 senators, which will correlate to 2 senators per state. In case of a tie vote in the senate, the national President, as the highest elected official will have the final decision.

This system is to allow a high level of independent legislation, for countries and regions that have implied desire to be accountable for local decisions. Former countries such as Scotland, will now as States be provided with the high level of devolution they expressed a desire for, but also remain within the union.

With the new system of government came a new constitution. With the new constitution Britain no longer has an ambiguous constitution, and is written down for everybody to see. The constitution lays out the rights of all the people’s of the country equally. The constitution also lays out that with the new Presidential system, there will no longer be a place for the royal family in the United States of Britain.

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